SWJO Holds Three Days Gender Equality Training in Jowhar

Wednesday December 16, 2020 - 17:43:20
Nasteeh Bare
Somali Women Journalists Organization (SWJO), in collaboration with IMS-FOJO on Monday opened three days gender equality training for journalists in Jowhar, the interim administrative capital of Hirshabelle state. The purpose of the training is to build the journalists' understanding, awareness and knowledge on gender equality in terms of recruitment, salaries, promotions and access to capacity development opportunities. The journalists attending the gender equality training were selected from the different media house: TV, radio and print media in the port city of Jowhar town The district commissioner of Jowhar town, Osman Mohamed Mukhtar who officially opened the training thanked Somali women journalists' organization in advocating for the rights of the female journalists. Mukhtar advised the journalists to take advantage of the workshop and pass the insights they gain to their fellow colleagues in the field. The director of Hirshabelle information ministry, Abdikarim Omar Moalim underlined the importance of the workshop. Moalim stated that the committed to promote and defend the rights of journalists through creation of equal opportunities and conducive work environment. Maryan Sheikh Abdi, one of the training participants expresses hope that the trainees will learn important skills that will help address gender inequality in workplace. Abdi asked SWJO to conduct more training so as to build the awareness of the youth. "This is a very important training for us. It is timely and significant training which shows that all journalists in this industry have equal rights and opportunities in workplace. We are grateful to SWJO that organized this training in partnership with IMS-FOJO and indeed it is one of the trainings that are needed highly" said Maryan. During the first day of the workshop, the participants were taken through important topics such as the responsibilities of female journalists in championing the gender equality in the workplace, identifying stereotypes against women appropriate responses and fair representation of women in the media among others. The objective of that training is not to just support women journalists rise in positions of power and decision-making but teach them the value of women as journalists and how they should not be abused because of their gender.

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