The Real America! By Imam Yusuf Abdulle

Wednesday August 10, 2016 - 08:24:05
THE REAL AMERICA: Yesterday I took a bus from Atlanta to Nashville TN. It was a learning experience for me. The station was packed and full and it took us almost an hour to get to our seats. People were poor Americans of different races blacks, Hispanics, and whites. The common denominator was that they probably couldn't afford the airline fair.

The ride was peaceful and pleasant. There were no commotions or arguments. I have not seen anyone judging me or looking at me in a weird way. I thought may be they were too poor to mind anyone else's business or looks. Or may be I was not identifiable as a Muslim as I was not wearing Qamiis or koofia. 

I think this is the real America and the reality in America. It is not the big buildings and big business and nice cars that we often see. This is not the Hollywood that is shown on big screens and seen by billions in the world . The real Americans are struggling with their daily lives and many of them are struggling to make ends meet and are too busy to vote or watch a news. Most of them can't even afford an airline ticket. Many of them do not care about your skin color, faith, or country of origin. I believe that is the America that we need to reach out to. I strongly believe Islam appeals to them more than anyone else.

Rich people and people with status do not want to loose their status and hence they don't take the truth because of that. On the other hand people who are poor and with no status welcome the truth and this was the history of the prophets and their nations from Noah to Mohamed (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon them ). Poor people are the followers of the prophets throughout the history. 

I think If we want Islam to have strong foothold in the United States of America we need to focus more on the poor and the less to do folks.

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