10-ka kooxood ee sports aduunka ugu qanisan..

Thursday January 14, 2010 - 20:46:07
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CIYAARO, NAIROBI-waxaa la soo saaray list 10 kooxood ee sports aduunka nuucyadiisa kale duwan ugu hudansan, waxaana u badan list oo laga arki karaa kooxaha ciyaara tartan ka ka mid ah kuwa dalka US laga ciyaaro oo ah NFL, National football league , sidoo kale waxaa ku jira koox ciyaarta horyaalka MLB oo ah Major League Baseball.

Warbixintaan oo ay soo daabacday jariirada caanka ah ee FORBEZ ee dhaqaalaha aduunka ka hadasha ayaa waxaa list kooxaha aduunka ugu dhaqaalaha badan safka hore kaga jirta Manchester United, oo markii 2aad oo isku xigta noqotay kooxda 1aad ee ugu lacagta badan kooxaha sports aduunka.

Sidoo kale kooxaha kale ee dhanka kubada cagta ciyaara eek u jira list 10-ka kooxood ee ugu hudansan sports aduunka waxa aka mid ah Real Madrid, Arsenal iyo Liverpool.

No. 1 Manchester United

English Premier League
Value: $1.87 billion

Arguably the strongest sports brand in the world, Man-U fetched a record $1.45 billion when Malcolm Glazier bought it in 2005.

No. 2 Dallas Cowboys

Value: $1.65 billion

The NFL’s most recognizable franchise separated from the league to run its own merchandising business. This year’s new stadium adds millions to cash flow through personal seat licenses and other amenities.

No. 3 Washington Redskins

Value: $1.55 billion

Wins have been hard to come by during owner Daniel Snyder’s reign, but not money. FedEx Field ($7.6 million in annual naming rights revenue) sells out consistently despite top-10 ticket prices and only two winning seasons over the last 10 years.

No. 4 New York Yankees

Value: $1.5 billion

Local cable riches, a new stadium and a 27th world championship kept the Bombers rolling through bad economic times.

No. 5 New England Patriots

Value: $1.36 billion

Built into a powerhouse on the field by owner Robert Kraft and coach Bill Belichick (107-37; 3 championships since 2001), the Pats also got a financial boost from state-of-the-art Gillette Stadium, which opened with 87 luxury boxes and 6,000 club seats in 2002.

No. 6 Real Madrid

La Liga
Value: $1.35 billion

Santiago Bernabeu, the stadium housing Europe’s most successful soccer club, has gone through extensive renovations that included cutting capacity by about a third. Welcome to the modern sports business model, where revenue per seat trumps total attendance.

No. 7 Arsenal

English Premier League
Value: $1.2 billion

A stadium deal with Emirate Airlines–whose name also adorns the players’ uniforms–brings in $145 million (100 million euros) over eight years.

No. 8 New York Giants

Value: $1.18 billion

Television money is shared in the NFL, but playing in the biggest market of the country’s most valuable sports league has its advantages in merchandising and in supplying a consistent season-ticket pipeline. And 2010 brings a new stadium complete with PSL revenue.

No. 9 New York Jets

Value: $1.17 billion

Essentially a duplicate of their (current and future) stadium mates, the Giants, only with a handful fewer fans.

No. 10 Houston Texans

Value: $1.15 billion

The 2002 expansion club hit the ground running financially by inking the league’s richest stadium deal with Reliant Energy. The Texans sell out regularly despite a 49-79 record and no playoff appearances in their eight-year history.

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